Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service - the intelligent solution for the traffic of the future

Mobility is not only an important factor for a strong economy, but a foundation for our entire modern lives. The car plays an important role in this, but it is not the only player. A sensible and successful mobility solution or Mobility Solution for the needs of the future must integrate and utilize all available means of transport on the road and rail, on water and in the air.

Autonomous driving

Networked, needs-based, citizen-centric: The mobility of the future is planning digitally!

Environmental awareness, sustainability, e-mobility: keywords that are representative of the future viability of a world that accepts the challenge of safeguarding the livelihoods of its citizens and companies alike. And although modern energy supply and mobility are closely linked, contemporary mobility is more than just switching from a combustion engine to an e-vehicle. What will it take for mobility of the future to succeed?