We want to offer our customers sustainable added value through needs-based overall concepts and promote long-term partnerships and cooperations. In doing so, we always pay attention to a cost- and time-efficient selection of innovative tools and contemporary methodologies from our FMS toolbox.
We know from experience: With the right tool, we create more results in less time.


Amount of data passing through the Frankfurt Internet node every second

Nuclear Power Plants

Calculated energy requirements for the global Internet


End devices networked with each other worldwide



Digitization of business models

Increasing digitization is creating opportunities for new business areas and efficiency gains in existing business models across all industries. At the same time, however, the risks associated with digital transformation are also increasing.

Established processes and stages of the value chain are sometimes rendered obsolete by digitization or need to be sustainably innovated in order to remain competitive and viable in the future. Due to our broad and deep expertise along entire value chains, we can sustainably support our customers on their way into the New Economy.
In doing so, we are available as a competent partner for the innovation of existing business processes, the realignment of existing business models and the development of new business areas.

Consulting, Research & Training

Sustainable and integrated mobility concepts are not just state-of-the-art mobility services. The best technologies can only be the best if they find the right application and integration in the mobility ecosystem.

To achieve this, we keep an eye on the big picture, create end-to-end participation processes, and provide all stakeholders with the necessary skills for future-proof mobility services. Our actions are always based on the latest scientific findings. This means that public and private customers are well advised to work with us.

// Consulting
// Research
// Training & Coaching

Developing programming and coding technologies. Website design. Programmer working in a software develop company office.
Voltage triangle

Project Management

Many years of experience from a multitude of different projects have shown us: Project management must fit the project, not the project to the project management.

We know how much classical and how much agile fits your project approach and coordinate with you the target-oriented mixture of proven methodologies. In this way, we create maximum plannability for timely achievement of the material goals without losing sight of the cost goals.

// Project Management
// Quality Management
// Process consulting

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Autonomous driving, electromobility and connectivity are not just topics for the future of the automotive industry. Rather, it is about bringing together new technologies and megatrends and designing innovative mobility concepts in an integrative and traffic-safe way.

An important basis is data from which we can learn and recognize patterns. We support you in structuring data and assembling it into an overall picture, whether it's about optimizing a driver assistance system or further developing real-time processing in traffic management and teleoperated driving.

// Data analysis
// Data Monitoring
// Data Optimization

[Cars digitally manuplated as unidentifiable, 3d & graphical design& art elements of work created by the contributor]
Technical support concept. Maintenance sign wrench and srewdriver tools. Tech issues fix service.

FMS Toolbox

With the FMS Toolbox, we have an extensive range of established and in-house developed digital tools to offer our customers.

The targeted use of the right tool chain ensures high quality at low cost and a transparent project process.

// Established programming languages: C#, C++, Python, Java
// Established simulation solutions: CarMaker, ADTF, VTD
// Systems Engineering: MBSE, SysML, modeling tools
// Proprietary simulation solutions: VirtualCity@FMS

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