Ideas and innovations for your success in the mobility of the future

Mobility is one of the most important prerequisites for well-functioning economies and societies in our time. In the future, the question of effective mobility will not only assume unprecedented dimensions in terms of numbers, but will also undergo significant and fundamental change. The key words here are digitalization, the share economy, autonomous and connected driving, and electromobility, as well as the intelligent management of traffic flows (smart mobility). Ultimately, all efforts to ensure mobility are about continuing to be able to meet both people and goods with all the needs and demands that everyday life places on them.

However, the individual areas covered by the topic cannot be considered separately from one another, but must be viewed integratively. In Germany alone, there are well over 40 million motor vehicles on the road, and the number is increasing rather than decreasing. These considerations about individual transportation must also include topics such as public transportation (ÖPNV), car sharing, or innovative vehicle technologies such as autonomous driving, to name just a few examples. Moreover, mobility cannot be seen in isolation from issues of sustainability, environmental protection, resource conservation and the safety of each individual.

In metropolitan areas in particular, rapidly increasing urbanization and demographic change are making structures ever more complex and difficult to manage. Concepts that integrate all the details are needed here. Innovative concepts must be developed that take into account both the technology of the vehicles and the infrastructure of the associated IT and traffic routes in large and small cities, in municipalities and in rural areas, so that the system does not collapse.

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Prof. Dr. Harry Wagner

Managing Director

Harry teaches at the Ingolstadt University of Technology and focuses his research on the topic of mobility of the future. For several years, he was managing partner of a development service provider with more than 700 employees. Prior to that, he was a member of the management team at AUDI AG. Harry also has almost 10 years of consulting experience in well-known consulting companies and an extensive network in the automotive industry.