With increasing digitization, the mobility sector is transforming into a service industry. Mobility offerings can thus be made more user-oriented and attractive. We offer conceptual and technological support for Mobility-as-a-Service solutions that leverage the full potential of the digital revolution. In the process, solutions can be tailored for end customers but also for companies in all sectors.

Billion tons

Amount of goods transported annually on German roads

Vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants

For every 1,000 inhabitants, there are 668 cars. That is the third-highest car density in the world.


Around one-fifth of Germans use a mobility app



Commercial traffic

Individual traffic

Public transport

Digitization of mobility solutions

FMS is the contact for holistic developments of mobility services. Our expertise ranges from conceptual design, development, and implementation to the market implementation of innovative services. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on the technical requirements of our customers as well as an application-friendly user interface. We are partners for customized solutions that are applied in both the private and public sectors.

Platform and interface management

The added value of a digital solution is not infrequently due to the scope of a wide variety of data sources that are concentrated and made usable in a single application. This is made possible by means of interfaces (API) via which different data can be integrated and exchanged. In this context, we offer expertise for internationally proven communication standards (protocols) such as SOAP, XML, REST and RPC as well as for widely used data standards such as XML and JSON.

Digital mobility training

Mobility is not an end in itself, but a result of the way we live and work. In order to meet our increasing traffic challenges and at the same time maintain our mobility, old habits must be rethought. We support the traffic turnaround with the development of innovative mediation formats that are target-oriented for every age group. Our credo: Mobility is attractive when it is opportunity-oriented, cost-effective, and safe, and when it is not filled with restrictions.

Mobility concepts in housing and neighborhood construction

With demand comes supply, or with supply comes demand. With the increasing perception of one's own mobility, the mobility offer becomes an essential factor for the attractiveness of new and existing residential and neighborhood construction projects. A meaningful integration of cost-effective and environmentally friendly mobility concepts is increasingly relevant for competition. We support the target-oriented selection of suitable mobility solutions already in the first planning steps and evaluate the cost-benefit ratio.

Mobility Roaming

All mobility offerings united in one application. In order to provide the user with access to all offers according to the single sign-on principle, various solutions must be combined on one platform. We provide support in the selection and development of data interfaces and platform connections.

Infrastructure planning for e-mobility and alternative drives

Infrastructure projects are cost-intensive and require a great deal of patience to implement. That is why it should be possible to exploit the greatest possible potential from every investment. With our VirtualCity@FMS, we offer a sustainable planning aid to effectively and efficiently design an area-wide virtual energy supply at an early stage. The planning is based on original infrastructure so that local challenges are given equal consideration.

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