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With increasing digitization and the growing range of different mobility concepts, we have an unprecedented range of options for meeting our transportation challenges. Meanwhile, providing equal mobility to all stakeholders and affected parties at the lowest possible cost is always the first premise. The larger and more extensive the new mobility or infrastructure project, the more far-reaching the potential economic costs. For these reasons, a clear and comprehensible strategy is the basis for a sustainable mobility concept. Already in this phase, it is recommended to involve all involved and affected stakeholders.

We support you from the identification and evaluation of the underlying challenge and bring all stakeholders to the table to be able to develop a common, transparent and acceptable strategy. Whether on an individual operational basis or on an international political level, we are convinced:
People work hand in hand with people to create a sustainable solution to transportation challenges.

We develop the factual information basis for this and accompany your committee from the first dialog to the evaluation of ideas to the definition of far-reaching mobility strategies. For effective goal achievement, we also take care of goal-oriented guard rails that flank the creation process with participation and workshop concepts, accompanying scientific research, and networking initiatives.

Already today, almost 50% of the world's population lives and works in urbanized and sub-urban areas. This poses challenges for the supply of people with mobility, energy and food. This essential basis of life must be designed in a sustainable, flexible and demand-oriented manner.
As the supply sectors become increasingly interconnected and interlinked, the vital resilience of the regions increases, and with it the national and ultimately international economic performance.

In our Smart City Audits, we analyze densely populated areas with regard to resilient evaluation components in order to be able to make an assessment of the region's degree of connectivity and digitization. Based on this, we offer development competencies for simulating resilience in public mobility services and the existing road infrastructure.

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