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The increasing complexity of the mobility sector, limited realism in the planning of novel mobility concepts and a lack of social acceptance of potentially disruptive mobility offerings pose major challenges for the entire industry. At the same time, the mobility offer should be able to guarantee services of general interest and be economically viable in the long term. Mobility concepts must be individually adapted to regional conditions in order to be at all demandable for citizens. Especially in the course of long planning horizons, the goal-oriented and future-proof mobility supply of society represents a truly mammoth task.

We support our customers with well-founded and comprehensive structural analyses with regard to local specifics as well as meaningful structural forecasts for the demographic development in the respective region. Together with the client, we develop utility value analyses that evaluate proven as well as novel technologies on the basis of individual criteria and evaluation indicators. If necessary, we involve society by means of surveys, workshop formats and citizens' workshops. In order to achieve the greatest possible communication of the sometimes far-reaching and cost-intensive project plans, our in-house tool VirtualCity is used.

VirtualCity@FMS is a holistic software for the visualization and simulation of traffic focal points. Based on a self-developed algorithm, which was implemented in C# and Python, infrastructure sections can be displayed faithfully in the 3D engine as a virtual image on the basis of GIS data. Hereby, the implementation of visualizations and the testing of visionary concepts is possible. In addition to an appealing visualization, a customized user interface is offered for easy and productive manipulation. Through our virtual simulation tool, especially sustainable and ambitious projects in the field of urban and infrastructure planning as well as transport and logistics planning can be realized in their first stages. In short: VirtualCity@FMS is fast, flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective.

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